Interview with François Lombard

We sat down with François to talk about the company's strength and the role digitalisation plays in the future of the Airbus Intelligence business.

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New Constellation to Deliver Unmatched Reactivity
The future Pléiades Neo Very High-Resolution constellation will offer upgraded reactivity thanks to its unique system architecture and direct access to the relay satellite communication system, known as the SpaceDataHighway.
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One Tasking Success Stories
You are thinking One Tasking, the new tasking offer, isn't for you? Explore the success stories and discover how it can help you reach your objectives.
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SPOT 6 - Five Years in Orbit
The SPOT 6/7 constellation is specifically designed to efficiently cover large areas in record time. Now, the SPOT 6 satellite celebrates its fifth birthday and is still going strong pursuing many more years full of drive.
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Order DMC Constellation Archive Data Easily in GeoStore
You can now search and request a quotation for DMC Constellation archive products through GeoStore. The DMC Constellation's extensive archive of medium resolution imagery provides an ideal dataset for time-series analysis and change detection.
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Supporting Crop Production in South Africa with the DMC Constellation
Farmers in South Africa are always looking for new monitoring capabilities to ensure stable food availability at all times. This was the challenge that SANSA proposed to take up with the Crop Watch project to provide a portal to valuable information based on imagery from the DMC Constellation to optimise monitoring of both irrigated and dry-land productions.
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Airbus Defence and Space partners with CSO Alliance, a maritime community of Company Security Officers to build a tailor-made online platform to help counter maritime crime on a global scale. The platform will be ready for launch in early October.
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