MAY 2017
Delineating the World's Ocean Shorelines

Airbus Defence and Space extends its portfolio with the WorldDEM™ Ocean Shoreline product. Discover the benefits this new thematic layer will bring for your shoreline mapping activities.

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Verification of No Deforestation Commitments

Airbus Defence and Space, The Forest Trust (TFT) and SarVision have partnered to enable companies providing evidence of how they are implementing their no deforestation and their responsible sourcing commitments. This service called Starling uses a combination of high-resolution optical satellite and radar imagery to provide unbiased monitoring of forest cover change. Starling will be launched on June 29th.

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WorldDEM Supports Civil Engineering Projects
WorldDEM can support your engineering projects with dependable information for site assessments, project planning as well as environmental impact monitoring - even in remote areas.
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One Tasking: Faster, Easier,
More Efficient
Tasking a satellite used to be complex? With One Tasking, getting a new image is as easy as making a cup of coffee!
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Our Products in Action
Supporting the fight against terrorism with MediaMining
Preventing terrorist attacks is a major challenge nowadays as is identifying the people and organisations involved in the process. For the collection of viable information that helps to dismantle terrorist networks and identify the people behind the operations Fortion® MediaMining sheds light on the large amounts of data and makes it much more manageable.
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2016 RAID Expedition to Antarctica
To resupply the Concordia polar research station, the Institut Polaire Franҫais Paul-Emile Victor (IPEV) organises a series of convoys on the polar ice cap of Antarctica, called RAID. The 2016 expedition was tracked by our Pléiades satellites.
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Conflict Atlas is a powerful tool enabling intelligence professionals to share and verify important content and quickly identify conflict areas that require immediate focus.
Airbus Defence and Space celebrates 10 years of TerraSAR-X in June!
Stay tuned for our special birthday offer to come!
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