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Protecting the World's Resources

Airbus Defence and Space, TFT and SarVision have partnered to provide a service that allows companies to verify their commitment to Zero Deforestation policies with unprecedented accuracy. The service is being piloted with Ferrero and Nestlé as early adopters.

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WorldDEM – Now Available Worldwide
The World is complete! Benefit now from the unique quality and off-the-shelf availability of this first truly global elevation dataset.
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Discover Stack Insight
Measuring stack, piles, Earth moving volumes without sending staff on site and with an excellent accuracy…is that possible? It is with Stack Insight – our new , revolutionary remote volume calculation and surveying tool.
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What's New in GeoStore
We continuously develop our GeoStore in order to offer you the best possible online experience. You can now select the 'Best of SPOT 1.5m' in the SPOT archive product collection and display the freshest and cloud-free SPOT 1.5m images on your Area of Interest in a few clicks.
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Providing Support to Devastated Areas of the U.S. and Caribbean After Hurricane Matthew
i-cubed, an Airbus Defence and Space company based in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, supplied the State of North Carolina with imagery streaming services to help prepare and respond to Hurricane Matthew. Additionally, a Geospatial Appliance Targeted for Operational Response device, also dubbed GATOR, has been sent to North Carolina state officials to help with emergency response efforts.
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CITIES – Hot Spots of Human Mankind: The satellite imagery book shows fascinating views of the World's cities in their full diversity. Airbus Defence and Space sponsored this illustrated book by providing Pléiades and SPOT satellite imagery.
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