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MAY 2016
WorldDEM™ for Enhanced Flight Safety and Efficiency

Flying is in our genes! Who would be able to deliver data for flight safety but us? With extensive experience in civil and military aircrafts, helicopters and UAVs, we maximise flight safety: WorldDEM™ enhances a wide range of applications in the aviation sector to ensure safe, secure and efficient sustainable operations at the global, regional and national levels.

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AGC DataDoors - Manage and Extract Geospatial Data Within their Local Work Environments
With DataDoors' geospatial data management and our streaming capabilities, multiple types of geospatial information can be sorted, ingested and hosted - to be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any device with an internet connection.
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Develop Your SAR Knowledge with Experienced Radar Experts
You need to use radar data for your daily business, but don't know how to reveal all details? Airbus Defence and Space offers you high value training programmes to improve your knowledge and help you learn about all the benefits and advantages of radar data.
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Join Our Webinar on July 7 And Learn All About One Tasking
Commissioning a satellite and receiving the images you need has never been easier – sign up to our webinar and learn how our brand new One Tasking offer supports your daily business decisions, better than ever before.
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End-to-End Solution Helps Farmers in North America to Increase Crop Yields
Access to very high resolution imagery products from the Pléiades satellites allows J.R. Simplot Company to have intensive monitoring and reporting over various areas within the United States and enables them to deliver analytical reports for growers in the agriculture industry.
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A Story Map on The Uprooted – The Greatest Humanitarian Challenge in Our Lifetime
Climbing over razor wire fences, taking to sea in leaking boats or stowing away in airless containers, refugees around the world risk their lives every day to find safety and a better life. More than 50 million people have fled their homes - the largest number of displaced people since World War II. Airbus Defence and Space provides satellite imagery and mapping products.
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GeoStore allows you to follow all of your orders. Task directly, track orders, create new ones, review orders in progress or previously delivered orders, view archive data…all from one interactive map. Be connected 24/7!
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