February 2015
Instant Tasking – Subscribe Today for Huge Savings!
Instant Tasking is a 24/7 premium web tasking service which enables you to get the fastest access to new satellite imagery. To further increase savings, Airbus Defence and Space launches a new yearly subscription offer. Save money and be ready to face the unplanned.
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New Pricing for the SPOT Family
After 13 years of reliable service, the end of the SPOT 5 commercial exploitation is now scheduled for end of March. With the recent operational commissioning of SPOT 7, the succession is more than assured. Now the SPOT price list has been adapted, integrating special rates for SPOT 6&7 6m resolution multispectral channels (4 bands) as the logical continuation to the SPOT 5 10m and 5 colour products.

*NEW* pricing for 1.5m Panchromatic products

*NEW* reduced prices for Priority and Emergency Tasking Services

*NEW* reduced pricing for stereo & tristereo data (archive and tasking)

*NEW* conditions for academic licences
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Benefit From Our Growing Archives!
Our unique constellation capacity allows us to build and offer optical and radar imagery archives fully in line with our clients' needs. When talking about useful imagery Apollo Mapping attests us to do a great job! See our very attractive Archive Offers… and stay tuned for more to come!
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FOCUS – Our Resolution, Your Satisfaction
88% of customers are fully satisfied with our products and services and the way we provide them. This is the result of the Customer Satisfaction Survey that we conduced as part of our new Customer Satisfaction Improvement Programme called FOCUS.
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Case Study: Pléiades Imagery Supports RS Metrics in Measuring Sales Trends for Wall Street
Any idea about the link between Pléiades and retail parkings? Indeed, there is…! Pléiades imagery is used to produce analysis of retail parking lots to determine year-over-year traffic growth, market share, forecasts etc. for many of the most well-respected investment firms on Wall Street, some of the largest US retailers and real estate investors/brokers.
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IDEX International Defence Exhibition & Conference, Abu Dhabi: February 22-25

SIMA Paris International Agri Business Show, Paris, France: February 22-26

“Imagery and Beyond” – Oil & Gas Customer Workshop
, London, UK: March 02

APPEX Oil & Gas, London, UK: March 03-05

Locate 15, Brisbane, Australia: March 10-12

World Bank Land & Poverty Conference, Washington DC, USA: March 23-25

BAPCO 2015
, Manchester, UK: March 31-April 01
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