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February 2014
Welcome to the new ‘ImagineGeo’ newsletter bringing you the latest developments from the world of Airbus Defence and Space – Geo-Intelligence.
We will keep you up-to-date bi-monthly with GEO news, product developments and case studies from our portfolio, demonstrating the real value of geo-information to industries and communities.

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APPEX: 11-13 March, London, UK

Finding Petroleum: 26 March, London, UK

British APCO: 1-2 April, Manchester, UK

ISNR: 1-3 April, Abu Dhabi, UAE

7TH Annual Military Radar Summit: 7-9 April, Washington DC, USA

Locate 14 Conference: 7-9 April, Canberra, Australia

GEOINT: 14-17 April, Tampa, Florida, USA

Astrium is Now Airbus Defence and Space
As of January 1st, 2014, all companies of the EADS Group have been rebranded Airbus.
In the course of this rebranding, the GEO-Information Division of Astrium Services becomes the programme line "Geo-Intelligence", part of the “Communication, Intelligence & Security” business line of the Division Airbus Defence and Space.
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Brand New Product! Introducing SPOTMaps 1.5
SPOTMaps 1.5 is now available to provide users with fresher data at 1.5m resolution. Get homogeneous and accurate seamless mosaics, available off-the-shelf, and suitable for working at scales up to 1:25000.
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Reveal the Concealed with Staring SpotLight!
TerraSAR-X now offers a brand new acquisition mode with resolution down to 25cm: Staring SpotLight. This completely unique capacity makes it ideal for GEOINT analysts, by allowing access to crucial details, which were inaccessible until now…
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SPOT 6 and SPOT 7: A Good Seed Makes a Good Crop
Same swath, higher resolution, faster coverage, greater agility… SPOT 6, and soon SPOT 7, will be taking over from SPOT 5 whose mission will end late 2014, while offering a wide range of improvements for applicative needs.
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Oil & Gas Takes New Resolutions!
Thanks to TerraSAR-X new imaging modes, the Oil & Gas industry can take full advantage of the large area monitoring capacity of Wide ScanSAR for offshore activities, and pin-point the detail on remote and difficult regions thanks to Staring SpotLight.
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SPOT6 New Pansharpening, Image Quality Improved!
The SPOT 6 ground segment received a major upgrade in January 2014. It mainly benefits the Ortho Pansharpened products bringing more sharpness in the fusion process.
It now enables you to take full advantage of the amazing quality of the optical sensor to enhance your application requirements.
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Pléiades New Tasking Service: Even More Reasons to Task with Us!
Is it possible to offer more service without extra cost? Thanks to the unique Pléiades constellation acquisition capacity and with an over-performing new collection success rate, benefit from this superb performance which sets the Very-High-Resolution tasking standard even higher at no extra cost :
• 10% cloud cover instead of 15%, as a standard, applicable to all standard imagery products
• 24hr routine product delivery instead of 48hr for both archive and newly tasked data, regardless of the processing mode
• 60 days acquisition period for single Pléiades targets (20x20km) worldwide, regardless of climatic conditions, through customer service and through GeoStore
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Discover our Latest Case Studies
Border Surveillance,
South Africa

Border surveillance is essential but remains difficult when it comes to making sure each part of the borderline is secured and impassable. Very high-resolution Pléiades images can support border surveillance, by providing sharp and accurate details of the ground situation.
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When Satellites Help to Save Lives,
Disaster Charter Activation in Niger

In the immediate aftermath of a natural disaster, a clear perspective is needed.The International Charter acts since 1999, respond to major disasters, using unified access to satellite data to support rescue planning and damage assessment. Our optical and radar satellites are being used, providing reactive imagery for crisis mapping.
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