One Atlas - Industry Use Cases

Defence and Security

  • Plan missions and operations
  • Map, report and update positions, movements, risk areas
  • Select transportation routes and access points

Civil Engineering

  • Perform preparatory studies for infrastructure planning
  • Define and adjust early routing
  • Visualize, share and communicate infrastructure impacts

Oil, Gas and Mining

  • Prepare ground scouting / exploration in the field
  • Plan / implement a new facility
  • Check environmental site restoration after exploitation


  • Delineate parcel boundaries
  • Map agricultural lands and crop species
  • Track and trace tractors and irrigation assets

Forest, Environment

  • Assess forest and non-forest area extent
  • Identify tree cover change or de/reforestation
  • Organize tree count or replanting

Location Based Services

  • Widen and refresh imagery database
  • Detect quickly where map updates are required
  • Locate mobile assets, track and trace them

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One Atlas - Industry Use Cases

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