SAFEcommand Roadmap 2018

2017 has seen us heavily focussed on supporting deployments of the latest software rather than introducing waves of new functionality. However, that doesn’t mean that development has stopped: we produced our Incident Command Solution and have just released Version 2 of our Android-based ScGuide product which now includes ARL reporting, message log and Text to Speech functionality. We have pushed forward with making ScGateway ESN compatible and will continue to work on our products so we are ready to connect to ESN when you are.

For 2018, as deployments of the latest SAFEcommand software continues rapidly, it is likely we will deliver several smaller patch releases again throughout the year to support those deployments.

Alongside this, we are planning specific scheduled releases of our core products in 2018:

2018 Q2

ScResponse: Deployment support and minor enhancements including Mapping performance in conjunction with ESN preparatory work

ScCapture: Water Management & Risk Management Roadmap requests & deployment support

2018 Q3

ScCourier: Minor enhancements & deployment support

2018 Q4

ScGateway & ScResponse: ESN compatible release


The exact functionalities to be implemented in these releases will be confirmed as development begins on these projects. For all product enhancements and updates, we are continually working and consulting with our users to ensure they are involved throughout the development cycle. The roadmap on ScPortal will be updated as we make progress throughout the year so please continue to check or contact us for further information. If there is some specific functionality that you would like to see in any of our products please let us know by using the roadmap request page on the ScPortal.

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