User Forum Review

The 20th SAFEcommand Conference and User Forum took place at St James’ Park on the 7th and 8th November. The event was well attended by almost 100 delegates from across 20 Fire Services, as well as many Airbus Personnel and 3rd party representatives including our sponsors Moditech, Panasonic, Getac, and TomTom.

SafeCommand User Forum 7/11/2017 - Picture 1

Day 1 – Tuesday 7th November

The User Forum began with Jonathan Waugh reminiscing a little about the last 20 years of SAFEcommand User Forums, going back to the very first one with just a couple of Fire Services sat in a meeting room in our old office. He introduced a presentation by Russell Pearson, Chief Fire Officer for Surrey FRS who we had invited to talk about our work with Surrey FRS over the last 20 years.

We then moved on to the subject of ESN; Tom Brooks from our Software Design team gave an overview of the ESN work we completed in 2017. He showed how we successfully connected our

Gateway and ScResponse products to the ESN sandbox, and that our ScGateway product now has an ESN bearer and ScResponse has a test ESN bearer. Tom then summarised the work that still needs to be done, focussing on the client side, where some of the required information is still to be announced by the ESN project, and explaining that we will still need to NATS test our software once the work is complete.

After lunch we had a brief overview of SAFEcommand by Jason Graham, one of our development team members. This also served as an introduction to our popular workshop sessions. Within the workshops, our delegates were encouraged to interact with the demos directly and ask questions to dedicated Airbus staff who work on the software. Demos covered included: Incident Command solution and ScGuide, our Android-based ScGateway client.

Following the workshops, we introduced Chris O’Connor from London Fire Brigade. Chris talked about the work London and Surrey have been doing to share AVL data to assist in cross-border mobilising, as well as discussing some of the additional work London and Surrey would like to do with Airbus to ease the sharing of AVL and other data. Following on from Chris, Andy Grubb from Surrey Police talked about the challenges of Gazetteer Data Management and how they are managing the different sources of information they have. Our last formal presentation of the day was by Andrew Tewkesbury from our Airbus GIS team, based in Leicester, on Change Detection. Andy talked about some innovative work Airbus has been doing involving processing of satellite imagery to detect changes in a geographic area. Our hope was that this session would get our emergency services delegates thinking about possible applications in their sector, for example when analysing actual flood imagery compared to expected flood data.

SafeCommand User Forum 7/11/2017 - Picture 2
SafeCommand User Forum 7/11/2017 - Picture 3
SafeCommand User Forum 7/11/2017 - Picture 4

These presentations are available for you to download from the ScPortal. If you have any questions or would like more information about any of the topics that were discussed on Day 1 please contact us at

Day 2 – Wednesday 8th November

The second day was slightly shorter than the first and focussed on topics such as product roadmaps and specific challenges, as well as getting feedback on recent developments in SAFEcommand.

For existing products such as ScResponse and ScCapture, it was chance for us to present the 2018 product roadmap and to gain feedback on the key functionalities our users want to see included in the products.

For newer products such as ScGuide and Incident Command, our users were able to see the product’s capabilities and we were then able to collect feedback on what additional functionality and suggestions they would like us to apply to these products.

Our product roadmaps are available on the ScPortal and we hold regular working group meetings to keep on top of our user’s priorities. If you are interested in being part of the development working group please contact us at

User Forum Feedback

Thank you to all those of you, who took the time out to provide us with feedback, it was very much appreciated. All your comments and suggestions will help with the planning for this year’s event. Please see below for a snapshot of the feedback:

SafeCommand User Forum Feedback - Snapshot 1
SafeCommand User Forum Feedback - Snapshot 2

Day 1 Presentations

Presentation Percentage of responders rating the presentation as Good or Excellent
SAFEcommand - 20 years of working together, Russell Pearson (CFO, Surrey FRS) 92%
SAFEcommand review and vision for the future, Jonathan Waugh (Airbus) 97.5%
Emergency Services Network (ESN) and SAFEcommand, Tom Brooks (Airbus) 90%
SAFEcommand Workshops (Demo areas) 94.7%
Dynamic Data Sharing, Chris O'Connor (London Fire) 70%
Address the Problem of Location, Richard Smith (Airbus) & Andy Grubb (Surrey Police) 41%
Change Detection, Andrew Tewkesbury (Airbus) 60%


SafeCommand User Forum Feedback - Snapshot 3
SafeCommand User Forum Feedback - Snapshot 4

This is a snapshot of the most relevant feedback given; it may look like we have cherry picked positive feedback but we have genuinely only received very little negative feedback. The majority of negative comments were individual opinions on specific presentations, that may not have been overly relevant to them. Thank you, once again to everyone who took time out of their schedules to present at our event.

Below is a selection of some of your comments:

Keeps on getting better every year. Hospitality extended by Airbus was appreciated throughout the event and the excellent evening meal. The event format has evolved into something unique that enables clients to get close to all the right people who understand the products and provide answers.”

The 2 day Programme was interesting and engaging. Fire Service colleagues become friends and relaxed in each other’s company. The conference provides an opportunity for colleagues to meet and share ideas, conversations and experiences. The event provides useful feedback for Airbus to ensure that products are meeting their customers’ expectations.”

Good opportunity to speak with hardware suppliers, other mobile data users and developers direct”

Interaction with other users. I learned some information that I was not aware of, and had it not been for the user group, would still be none the wiser! It was really refreshing to hear a Chief Fire Officer who was prepared to say it as it is!! – Brilliant”

With this being my first time attending the event I found the balance of input from the Airbus team and the opportunity to network with other services invaluable. The facilities were fantastic and I liked having the ability to talk directly to hardware suppliers in order to balance options across our service and align their suitability and functionality to specific SC products, e.g. Response v’s Guide. I also appreciated the honesty from both Airbus and other FRS’s about issues faced and learning outcomes from converting to new SC software”

It was really useful for us to bring both operational and IT staff to get a balanced approach to help enable future role out of SC products onto our new MDT’s.”

We would like to thank you for your continued positivity and support for the SAFEcommand User Forum, it is only successful with your presence and interaction.. Our aim is to provide an event that is both informative and enjoyable, and it’s always welcoming to hear that we have achieved this. We would encourage all kinds of feedback, throughout the year not just at the Forum, so please get in touch at any point if you would like to comment on any area of the service you receive from us.

If you have any questions about the User Forum, feedback for the event or how we use it please do not hesitate to contact us via our service desk at