OZIUS awarded the 3rd prize on the Airbus Geo Challenge 2017!

GeoChallenge - Ozius awarded 3rd prize

Launched on 30 May, the goal of the Airbus Geo Challenge was to encourage start-ups to innovate and develop new applications primarily based on Airbus' satellite data.

Ozius was awarded the 3rd prize for its “Smart Cities” application. They create new landscape intelligence by fusing a variety of remote sensing data to identify where the environmental risks and opportunities occurred in the past, where they are today, and predict where they will occur in the future. According to them, “the experience has been really great. We’ve got to meet the other start-ups involved, and the opportunity to collaborate with Airbus is also fantastic. We really enjoyed the process. It’s been great to be here today. “

More than 130 projects from five continents were entered for the competition. “Being an Australian start-up, it’s great to be amongst other European and American companies and it’s great to understand that Airbus is building a community of start-ups.”

During the final, held on 20th October at the Airbus PlayLab in Toulouse, the six finalists presented their projects in front of representatives of different Airbus departments, including strategy, innovation, and marketing and sales. “The biggest benefit was participating in today’s event [20th October], and getting to meet with Airbus team in person, and to understand where we want to go in moving forward, and the opportunity to speak about collaboration. For a start-up this is what we need to scale up. This experience has been really rewarding for us to be able to share our products with a wider audience and also let people know that we’re ready to work with them.”
* Interview of Alisa Starkey and Ben Starkey

OZIUS awarded the 3rd prize on the Airbus Geo Challenge 2017!