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GeoNorth Information Systems (GNIS) is a trusted provider of geospatial products and services to clients throughout North America. As a strategic partner of Airbus, GNIS owns and operates its own Direct Receiving Station (DRS), located at the Alaska Satellite Facility in Fairbanks, Alaska. As the only commercial owner/operator of a US-based DRS, GNIS is able to deliver a unique array of services to meet the most demanding client requirements for both Electro-Optical and Synthetic Aperture Radar satellite data, for any location on the globe. GNIS continues to invest resources into expanding our offerings, to include scalable processing and production to support the ever-growing demands for timely, relevant geospatial intelligence for the U.S federal government, state and local governments and commercial entities in the energy, engineering, environmental, and transportation markets.

Project Highlight:

In 2016, GNIS was selected by the State of Alaska to refresh portions of the state’s existing 2.5m Spot5 Statewide Digital Mapping Initiative’s (SDMI) orthorectified imagery with more current Spot6 & Spot7 1.5m orthorectified imagery. Additionally, in 2017, GNIS was awarded a contract by the State of Alaska to provide hosting and streaming of the SDMI orthorectified imagery to support the state’s community of geospatial users. GNIS also provides technical support services for the SDMI user community ensuring timely access to this important information resource. GNIS will continue to provide these services throughout 2018 and into 2019.

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GNIS is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) and a Small Business Administration 8(a) firm. We are a subsidiary of the Tatitlek Corporation of Anchorage, Alaska.

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