Advancing Military’s Image Analysis


Strategic exploitation of a Pléiades image

Strategic exploitation of a Pléiades image: a harbour, an airfield and a military site are visible

A major African military customer required an upgraded image interpretation system capable of advanced and accurate image analysis, including change detection and object analysis, while providing a secure platform to share data and manage intelligence requests. The new system needed to exploit multi-sensor data on about 50 fixed and mobile workstations, to inform strategic and operational site analysis, targeting, mission planning and damage assessment with the latest imagery-derived intelligence.

Solution & Results

Exploitation of different datasets

Exploitation of different datasets, here DEM in 3D, satellite image and video

Airbus Defence and Space provides the user-friendly, state-of-the-art Fortion® ISR software suite, which includes the Fortion® Image Analyst Software with its outstanding image processing power, accuracy and 3D geographical, as well as multi-geoids management capabilities. The suite also includes Fortion® Data Share, which facilitates secure storage and dissemination within and across organisations. Furthermore, Airbus Defence and Space provides Fortion® Workflow, which allows the efficient intelligence collection and analysis coordination. Following training, all operators are able to conduct more accurate and faster analysis and reporting than ever before.


  • Precise and comprehensive change detection and multi-sensor modelling in near real-time
  • The tool is modular and flexible with open and modern architecture, usable on various devices and configurations


The new Fortion® ISR suite and Image Analyst software allow the major African military customer to make proactive decisions based on precise, near real-time operational image intelligence.

Advancing Military’s Image Analysis