Increasing Situational Awareness with Fortion® TacticalC2

The face of conflict is ever evolving - malicious activities, for example, don’t only take place in open fields anymore, but increasingly in the midst of civilian population. Airbus’ TacticalC2 provides a unique digital solution that meets these new challenges, making processes more agile by supporting collaboration and synchronisation – improving the overall efficiency of missions.

Defence operations have become more complex, with hostile groups becoming increasingly agile due to having access to a plethora of lethal weapons. As a result, land forces are suffering from a lack of reliable tactical information that enables accurate situational awareness. Airbus Fortion®’s TacticalC2 Solution meets this requirement. The solution collects battlefield information from a wide variety of sources and shares it through a tactical map, improving the overall decision-making process.

The platform connects information from civilian and military sources, such as specialised intelligence offices, ISR sensors, and soldiers in the field. In the past, officers used papers and voice to communicate orders and reports in order to execute and monitor the mission. This led to lengthy and heavy processes, which are no longer relevant with contemporary battle rhythm. Using Fortion®’s TacticalC2 these processes can be significantly reduced, with digital reports (including pictures, videos and audio recordings) shared with ease.

Tactical C2 screenshot

Fortion®TacticalC2 digitalises the Land Force chain of command, providing a unique solution to force commanders. From the Brigade Command Post down to infantry, Fortion®TacticalC2 provides various features to support collaboration and synchronisation throughout the chain of command.

Fortion®Tactical C2 stores documents combining texts and graphical objects that can be sent together on demand. The volume of data to be sent is optimised in order to take into account the tactical network’s capacity. The user can redefine document templates to suit any national procedure or meet specific requirements. The software implements a real data synchronisation of all documents within the command post workstations.

The TacticalC2 graphical interface comes with a user-friendly map viewer based on the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) standards.

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