A New Product in your Portfolio: Pixel Factory Neo

Pixel Factory Neo

Working in the data processing business? Interested in Pixel Factory?

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With almost 200 remote-sensing spacecrafts already in orbit or planned, more than 200 digital cameras in use and the huge increase of UAV solutions, several thousand terabytes of data need to be processed every year. This increasing demand for earth observation data is forcing industrial production methods.
Following over 30 years of evolution, the new Pixel Factory Neo will continue to provide a large range of products with high accuracy and productivity. Pixel Factory Neo is the state-of-the-art industrial geo-production system, designed to produce a wide range of cartographic end products (Ortho-image, DEM, Mosaic, 3D TIN …) of unparalleled quality.
Combining quality, performance and versatility, Pixel Factory Neo will cover the requirements of all organisations and project teams involved in mapping, planning, smart cities, Vis/Sim, civil engineering, defence and security, as well as disaster management.
The offer is composed of a deployable and scalable system sized with the expected productivity including:
  • A customized software license: sensor modules and functionalities
  • A dedicated IT infrastructure: bare metal, virtualized or cloud architecture
  • Related services: installation, training, production assistance and maintenance.

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Pixel Factory neo can be used for your own Value Added Production or to resell to your customers network.
Licencing and pricing are ready for you! Please contact intelligence-partners@airbus.com to include this product in your contract!

A New Product in your Portfolio: Pixel Factory Neo