One Tasking's first anniversary!

We are very pleased to announce that One Tasking is celebrating its first anniversary. One year ago, we first launched our new tasking offer and today, One Tasking has already become an essential offer for many users.

In the last year, One Tasking has supported customers dealing with a broad range of challenges and opportunities. From emergency situations requiring reliable and timely insights of the situation on the ground, to longer-term projects, or regular acquisitions of an area of interest, One Tasking, and its sub-products, are designed entirely around your needs.

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Case studies now live!

To mark this special occasion, we are also launching One Tasking Success Stories to present the many opportunities One Tasking offers and to highlight a number of recent case studies from around the world. Click on the link below to learn how One Tasking can help you reach your objectives.

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Etna volcano acquired by Pléiades on 18 March 2017

The right solution at your fingertips

One Tasking’s flexible offer includes four specific options to help ensure you get exactly what you need, when you need it:

OneDay: Choose your own acquisition day
OneNow: Access useful information in an instant
OnePlan: Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe
OneSeries: Get coverage on a regular basis

One Tasking's key benefits:

  • Best choice for maximising the success of your collection campaign
  • Financial compensation, if we (ever) do not make it on time
  • Flexible sensors means superior availability for ultra-fast delivery
  • Streamlined offer, to lighten the ordering process for all channels (through the Customer Care or GeoStore) or satellites (SPOT, Pléiades, very soon TerraSar-X)
  • 24/7/365 access

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One Tasking's first anniversary!