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Harris Geospatial Solutions

Harris Geospatial Solutions has been providing scientifically proven image processing technologies to the remote sensing market for more than 30 years.  Organisations around the world are using these technologies to solve problems across industries ranging from Precision Agriculture, Energy, Utilities, Defence, Environmental Monitoring, and beyond. Remote sensing software suites like ENVI and Sarscape are trusted to extract meaningful information from optical and SAR imagery, and to provide accurate and actionable insight. These insights are driven by access to advanced classification algorithms, Change Detection workflows for both optical and SAR modalities, feature extraction using machine learning, and spectral material identification.

Industry solutions would be incomplete without data to drive the analyses. Harris Geospatial Solutions customers greatly benefit from Airbus Defence & Space’s large imagery archive covering a wide range of spatial, spectral, and temporal resolutions. In addition, access to highly responsive constellations and multi-modal sensors enable the provision of the most timely and accurate satellite-derived information anywhere. This is especially critical for time sensitive applications like crop monitoring, military efforts, and various forms of transportation and infrastructure monitoring services. Harris Geospatial Solutions is proud to partner with Airbus Defence and Space and looks forward to continuing to bring best-in-class solutions to the geospatial market.

For more information, visit Harris Geospatial’s website: http://www.harrisgeospatial.com/

A Word … from our Partners!