Resellers of the quarter

Reseller of the quarter - illustration by Pinkmatter Solutions

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For this edition, our Channel team focuses on two South African resellers, Southern Mapping Company and Pinkmatter Solutions, who are looking at the mining vertical market sector to develop complete spatial monitoring services. These services are based on optical, radar and elevation solutions with downstream services such as Change Detection, Volumetric Calculations, Surface Movement monitoring, and Amplitude Change Detection with complete Customer Information Management systems to support operators.

Southern Mapping Company

Logo Southern Mapping Company

Southern Mapping Company Pty Ltd, or SMC, was formed on 1 December 2006 with the aim of providing aerial LiDAR surveys to clients worldwide. SMC were behind a watershed moment in the history of surveying in Africa as it became the first independently owned LiDAR Company based on the continent.
Their philosophy is to provide clients with rapidly delivered mapping of the highest quality in all areas.
SMC provides topographic surveys and mapping for a variety of industries and sectors. These include civil engineering and infrastructure development, mineral explorations and mine management, environmental planning and rehabilitation, and urban and agricultural planning.

SMC is an Authorized Airbus reseller since 2013.

Pinkmatter Solutions

Logo Pinkmatter Solutions

Pinkmatter Solutions develops the FarEarth software suite for the acquisition and data handling of earth-observation satellite imagery. They provide automated processing services to swiftly deliver information products, including Change Detection and high quality terrain models, to end-users in an easy to use online portal.

Pinkmatter is an authorized Airbus reseller since 2015.

Resellers of the quarter