OneNow: Images on Wildfires in Chile tasked, collected and delivered on the same day

In January 2017, Chile declared the State of Emergency due to the worst wildfires in its history. Strong winds during consecutive days spread fires over a wide area. There were more than 100 uncontrolled fires in central and southern Chile and hundreds of people were evacuated from their homes.

To support the local government we immediately activated our SPOT6/7 constellation over the affected areas. We firstly programmed our satellites over a huge area of 233,623km² with a focus on some priority areas. SPOT6/7 acquisitions helped locate and track the damage extent on a daily basis. With its high resolution and its true daily revisit capability, SPOT6/7 imagery also provided precious information to organise recovery operations on site.

One now

Whenever immediate imagery is required, our satellites can be tasked to deliver valuable insights in the shortest possible timeframe. Thanks to the OneNow tasking option, we ensure up to three acquisitions resulting in three deliveries in the shortest possible timeframe.

If the images are still cloudy after the first attempts, we insist in acquiring the area until we collect the best possible data. The main objective is to deliver the images at the soonest in order to provide you with fresh and detailed information on what is happening on the ground. With OneNow, you indeed have “Access to useful information in an instant”.

Download: One Tasking Technical Specifications

SPOT 6/7 images tasked, collected and delivered the same day!

OneNow captures wildfire in Chile - Zoom 1
OneNow captures wildfire in Chile - Zoom 2
OneNow captures wildfire in Chile - Zoom 3

Not only SPOT 6/7 has been tasked to monitor this emergency situation. The DMC Constellation has also been observing the fires in Chile since December.

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