Reseller of the quarter - Agroprecisión (Ecuador)

The Agroprecisión Consulting Company is a recognized Ecuadorian company established in the city of Quito with more than 11 years of experience in geo-information, territorial planning and is a leader in the precision agriculture market. Since 2012, they have been an authorized distributor of Airbus Defence and Space Intelligence products, as both public and private customers and becoming a strategic partner.


Agroprecisión is working with staff specialized in different technical verticals such as telecommunications, geographic information systems, digital cartography, and others. The company has an in-house computer development laboratory that allows us to design and test integrated and strategic geomatic solutions to meet each customer needs.

Recently, Agroprecisión created a startup, AGP geoservicios, which aims to provide innovative technological solutions to the agricultural sector through services hosted on the web that allow optimization of information management, supported by satellite technology, drones, geographic information systems and information technologies.
Thanks to AGP geoservicios, the agricultural entrepreneur can have an efficient and full-time assistant in his field that gives him an accurate analysis of his land, evaluations of his crops, the fertility of his soils or crop health and more.

For more information, please visit Agroprecisión website:

Reseller of the quarter – Agroprecisión (Ecuador)