New Processing Options for Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 Imagery

As of February 9th 2017, the Pléiades and SPOT6/7 commercial offers have been enriched with additional radiometric and geometric imagery processing including:  Projected, Reflectance and Display options.


Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 Imagery - New Processing Options

Basic explanation on Primary - Projected - Ortho geometric processing options


  • Raw Image, not map-projected or georeferenced
  • Delivered with RPC file and Metadata (attitude, ephemeris) allowing the application of geometric processing (ortho – DEM extraction)


  • Map projected image at a constant altitude (mean)
  • Delivered with RPC file allowing the application of geometric processing (ortho – DEM extraction)


  • Map projected image corrected from off-nadir and relief effects (rectified as nadir position) and possibly improved with GCP.

And some information on Basic, Reflectance, Display radiometric processing

Radiometric processing:

Processing options are applied to the image to provide the most suitable products / imagery for your applications. Depending on your needs, three radiometric options are available:

  • Basic
  • Reflectance
  • Display


Digital numbers (native pixel values) from the sensor acquisition (after equalization).
Basic products are mainly dedicated to expert users who prefer pure/raw data and are familiar with satellite imagery applications and image processing tools who need to conduct their own spectral analysis.


Imagery is radiometrically corrected from sensor calibration and systematic effects of the atmosphere (molecular or ‘Rayleigh’ diffusion). Image values are provided in normalized reflectance values.
Especially suitable and ready-to-use for spectral analysis and most applications based on image processing.
Thanks to auxiliary data, users will be able to come back to the Basic product or to improve the visual rendering of the image (Display option).


The Display option provides products with optimized true colour rendering.
These are enhanced images with adjusted luminosity and contrast as well as preserved colour balance.

  • For users who need ready-to-use images and high aesthetic display
  • Perfectly adapted for display applications and direct integration in GIS
  • For visual analysis and communication purposes

Do not hesitate to contact our Customer Technical Support team and/or your Regional Channel Manager for more information.

New Processing Options for Pléiades and SPOT 6/7 Imagery