Airbus Partner Policy


As Airbus, we are committed to our core values: Integrity, Quality, Trust and Innovation. In this respect, Airbus has set some guidance and rules pertaining to our Reseller Network. Keeping this as our guiding principle we would like to inform you that without a signed contract the Reseller discount and right to resell our products and services will be suspended starting March 1st 2017.

A Signed Reseller Agreement is mandatory to access our Partner Portal, reseller discounts, invitation to channel partner conferences and our other marketing and customer service support. Also for Airbus, a signed reseller agreement shows your commitment to us and makes us even more motivated to support you and your business.

For the past thirty years, we have been committed to building long term relationships with you and want to see your business reach even greater heights with the Airbus brand.

In case your agreement needs a renewal, we sincerely request that you get in touch with your Airbus point of contact as soon as possible to avoid any interruption to your operational business.

Airbus Partner Policy