Global Challenges to Maritime Security

Maritime security is of utmost importance today with more than 90% of the world’s trade goods and more than 70% of global crude oil transported by sea. As shipping traffic grows, the pressure on the security of the World’s oceans is increasing: not only is there more likelihood of accidents and associated environmental damage, shipping traffic is also increasingly the target of piracy, organised crime and terrorism. Moreover, illegal maritime activities such as illegal fishing, drug trafficking, weapon movement/proliferation and illegal immigration are constantly on the rise.

Airbus Defence and Space provides an integrated ship detection and tracking service covering all steps from satellite tasking through processing and AIS signal matching (Automatic Identification System) to delivery of ship detection information. It’s a competitive service with the unique asset of mixing radar and optical sensors.

This service provides ship information reports over surfaces and places defined by the user, as one shot or on a regular basis. The basic level of information provided is mere ship detection report; it can optionally be enriched with ship classification and identification or activity detection.

Key Features:

MV Sirius Star

1. Selection of the appropriate satellite depending on the kind of ship to be detected / identified

2. Its / their activation with the relevant priority to ensure successful collection

3. Report production - possibly including AIS signal matching to pinpoint non-reporting boats

4. Targeted markets: Civil Institutional (e.g. Government agencies, coast guards), Shipping and insurance companies, Oil and Gas industry, National and private security forces

Maritime Surveillance Service for the French Navy
Our Product in Action:

Maritime Surveillance Service for the French Navy

In the frame of a four year contract a consortium of Airbus Defence and Space and Telespazio France provides a satellite-based maritime surveillance service to the French Navy.

The Trimaran 2 contract / project is a follow-up to Trimaran 1, which enables maritime zone commanders to access a portal for surveillance services using optical and radar imaging and AIS data to enhance the effectiveness of their national maritime missions. Enhanced situational awareness is guaranteed by complementing optical and SAR imagery analysis.

Through a dedicated portal, each of the French Navy’s maritime command zones will enjoy user-friendly and round-the-clock access to the extensive acquisition capacity of our satellites, with a wide range of reactive services across the Globe. Whatever the operation in progress, its type or location, radar and optical satellite images are interpreted by the image analysts at Telespazio France and Airbus Defence and Space as soon as they are received and correlated with the AIS data. Reports are then produced and sent to the users via the portal, indicating the types of vessels detected, their position, speed and heading.

France has the second largest economic exclusion zone in the World behind the United States. This contract, which runs from 2016 to 2020, will improve the effectiveness of the Navy’s missions: whether combating trafficking, preventing illegal immigration, performing search and rescue operations at sea, detecting pollution and toxic discharges, or monitoring protected maritime areas

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