Get coverage on a regular basis

Whether you are dealing with long-term changes or highly dynamic situations, OneSeries brings you the required intelligence at the frequency you choose. For highest frequencies, our cloud cover commitment ensures you pay only for the most useful results.

Timeframe Customer selected, including frequency
Cloud Cover
  • ≤10% or ≤ 5% with uplift
  • Possibility to select three small cloud-free AOIs (Pléiades 1x1 km, SPOT 3x3 km)
  • 100% for OneSeries Critical – images are invoiced when reaching at least 40% cloud free
Min AOI Pléiades: 100 km² –
50 km² if five revisits or more
SPOT: 500 km² – 250 km² if five revisits or more
Max AOI Submitted to feasibility study
Acquisition Mode Mono
(Stereo – Tristereo submitted to feasibility study)
Incidence Angle[1] - OnePlan and OneSeries Routine:
0–30° or Customer selected
– OneSeries Critical: 0–52° or <30° on customer selection)
B/H Customer selected.
Or per default – Stereo: 0.4–0.7 – Tristereo: 0.2–0.35 between each pair
Service Level Regular/Premium
Acquisition Failure Terms OneSeries Routine: 10% voucher
OneSeries Critical: 25% voucher on the value of the missed acquisition