SAFEcommand User Forum Feedback Summary

In the immediate aftermath of this year’s event our general feeling was that the 19th Annual User Forum was one of the best we have had yet. This was based on our own experiences and anecdotal feedback over the 2 days. Now that we have had a chance to review your feedback, this has confirmed our initial feelings. We have had more feedback than ever and a lot of it is very positive – thank you. This is extremely useful as it enables us to ensure we keep doing the things that you need the most and focus on making those things as good as they can be. There is, of course, some negative feedback, but importantly some suggestions to improve the event, which is very useful.  We will take all of this feedback on board to help us ensure that next years (20th!) SAFEcommand User Forum is even better.

Below is a selection of some of the feedback we received from the event. We received 41 completed surveys, which from an attendee list of around 80 delegates is a good return.

Overall how would you rate the event:

SAFEcommand User Forum - how would you rate the event

And some comments that came with those responses:

“The planning and organisation of the event seems to improve year on year”
“I thought the staff were all very welcoming and knowledgeable throughout the demonstrations and Q&A sessions”
“Unique opportunity to liaise nationally and share understanding of new ideas and technology and up-coming priorities”

This is a great result for us, and hopefully by taking on board the feedback you have provided we can get an even higher “excellent” percentage next year.

How useful were the Day 1 sessions?

SAFEcommand User Forum - How useful were the Day 1 sessions?

While there are a handful of average and poor ratings for the Day 1 event we are still very happy to see that, on the whole, most of these sessions were deemed to be useful to you. Although all attendees this year represented Fire Services, it’s still very difficult to make every presentation session interesting to everyone - so there are always going to be some people that don’t get something from every single session. However, we take on board all of your comments and will try to improve our ratings next year. If you did return a poor or average rating and didn’t say why, please let us know where you think we can improve.

Did you find the workshop format on Day 1 useful?

SAFEcommand User Forum - Did you find the workshop format on Day 1 useful?

How could these workshop sessions be improved?

“A little more time for the workshop Demo as I personally didn't have enough time to go around all the demo stands.”
“Maybe a bit more structure”
“Have whistle to advise groups to move on. Didn't get to see all demos”
“Trying to see the demos was difficult due to crowds around a small area”

The workshop sessions have evolved over the last two years and have become an excellent way for you to interact with the software in an informal way. We really enjoy these sessions, but know we have some issues to address.  We will certainly be looking to add more structure to these sessions next year and also possibly more time.

How useful were the Day 2 sessions?

SAFEcommand User Forum - How useful were the Day 2 sessions?

The feedback on the Day 2 sessions above is really positive and we received very few negative comments.  However, we did pick up on a few and we are looking to improve these areas next year. We noticed that the smaller groups generated much more discussion and actions moving on from the event. Therefore, next year we will continue with more small groups and really try to generate further discussion.

Do you have any ideas on how we can improve the SAFEcommand User Forum to make it even more beneficial to attend?

“Engage with those FRS that don't attend to find out the reasons why because new perspectives are important as processes evolve. Would be good to obtain new input and ideas”
“Introduce the services there so we know who is who”
“More demos like surrey guided in formative's it promotes discussion and ideas”
“I would have liked to attend Hydra as well as MDT sessions”

Overall, feedback has been amazing and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to attend this year’s event and especially those who provided feedback, to help us make the event better year on year.

SAFEcommand User Forum Feedback Summary