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Running is not my passion and I don’t think I can keep going for one hour?

No problem, everybody can run as long as they want during the allocated one hour. Any distance covered will contribute to our donation to charity (and to the fun we have together). The courses are loops (between 500 to 1.5km lengths depending on the site) and you can stop whenever you want to. And remember you can also walk, go backwards, skip, stroll …

I do not run at all, can I still get involved in the event?

Of course, you don’t have to run, you can also just walk. Or you can volunteer to support the organisation: lap counting, drinks, snacks …or simply cheer the runners on!

My site is not participating in the ONE Intelligence Run.

No problem, you can motivate your colleagues to be part of this fun event and we will support you in the organisation. If you are overseas you can adapt the timing accordingly, but the event should be on November 8th.

I really want to participate but I am not on an Intelligence site on November 8th?

No problem, you can still join the event. Simply record your run (1h max) with your preferred smartphone app (e.g. Runtastic, Runkeeper, Strava, Garmin Connect …) and send the link to (and if you are in an exotic location we look forward to getting a picture of you running too :-) )

I do not quite understand the idea of the teams?

No problem, the following is planned: we encourage you to form “virtual” teams of 4 runners ideally with mixed gender and mixing colleagues from different sites. All members of the team will run at their respective sites and all run at the same time for max 1 hour. There will be bonus kilometers credited to diverse teams, however, solo runners are also welcome.

What is the advantage if I team up with colleagues on other sites for this run?

Firstly of course it increases the fun to form virtual teams around the world and know that your counterparts are running at the same time in some other distance location.

And then of course there are bonus kilometers credited (so the chances for you to win as the best team increases :-) ).

The score of each team of 4 is computed as follows :

  • Sum of distance run by the 4 members: all members running in parallel, each member can run maximum 1h
  • Bonus on gender diversity:
    • 2 Men + 2 Women: +6km bonus
    • 1M+3W or 1W+3M: +3km bonus
  • Bonus on running as a remote multi-site team:
    • 4 different locations: +9km bonus
    • 3 different locations: +6km bonus
    • 2 different locations: +3km bonus

I am a subcontractor, can I still participate?

No problem, we encourage you to participate.We just need a written confirmation by email from your company to the procurement service . Please contact your local Point of Contact.

Do I have to pay the donation myself?

No, the donation is made by the Intelligence company based on the number of km run by all participants.

Who will benefit from the donation?

For every km run/walked by Intelligence staff in one hour, 1€ will be donated by the company through the Airbus Foundation to the Red Cross project in Mongolia.

This winter is predicted to be an especially harsh one in Mongolia and the feared natural disaster ‘Zud’ (A zud (Mongolian: зуд) is a Mongolian term for a severe winter in which large number of livestock die, primarily due to starvation due to being unable to graze, in other cases directly from the cold.) is expected.

Because of the disastrous Zud, most nomadic families loose their livelihoods and the whole country can fall into a recession and food shortage. The Red Cross project in Mongolia not only provides medical attention, shelter building and crisis management, but also help the nomadic children cope with the traumatic impacts of the Zud.

See a good BBC article on the dzud here:

What prizes will be awarded?

A special prize will be awarded for the best team of 4 runners out of all Intelligence participants. On your local site, prizes will be awarded for the best individual runner and the best disguise - so start planning your fun outfit!

Where will we be running?

A specific loop will be defined on each site between 500m and 1.5km long. The information about the circuit and starting point will be made available by the local Point of Contact.

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Running for a good cause

With our ONE Intelligence Run we are supporting a Red Cross Project in Mongolia through the Airbus Foundation. For every km run/walked by Intelligence staff in one hour, 1€ will be donated by the company to help the nomadic families and children in Mongolia to cope with the traumatic impacts of the feared natural disaster ‘Zud’.

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