One Atlas – The Satellite Image Library

The World’s Freshest Basemap at Your Fingertips

Discover One Atlas – the easy, quick and highly affordable way to explore Airbus Defence and Space’s comprehensive imagery collection.

Fully refreshed within a 12-month period and accessible on-line, as a streaming service, One Atlas provides you with the most recent and adequate images. Best of all, Airbus Defence and Space takes care of everything: updating, selecting, processing and hosting – all to make it easier, cheaper and faster for you.

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Key benefits

  • Always fresher than one year
  • Globally available
  • Consistent, homogeneous, with marginal cloud cover
  • Immediate online access, 24/7
  • Easy sharing amongst multiple teams
  • Historical imagery, for more context about changes
  • Streamlined workflows: classical image selection, order, procurement, administration, manipulation, and storage costs are drastically reduced
  • Secure and private

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A cost-effective and consistent snapshot of the globe


Top quality, never ageing basemap

Did you know?

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Airbus Defence and Space’s experts ensure that seasonal effects, haze and clouds, are kept to an absolute minimum through a process of careful manual selection – ensuring only the very best sections from each capture are retained. In practice, our team screens, validates and pushes to the cloud 2m of “pure” imagery, i.e. the equivalent of four times Spain per week. This makes of One Atlas a basemap that you can start work on right after login in!

One Atlas

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