OneAtlas Basemap

The most useful imagery at your fingertips

OneAtlas Basemap gives you simple and cost-effective access to the highest-grade Airbus satellite imagery, covering the whole world.

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Key Features

  • Imagery of the whole world always less than a year old
  • Resolution: 1.5m over the world, 50cm over the top 3,000 cities
  • Highest grade imagery only: consistent, accurate, with marginal cloud cover
  • Flexible delivery: images are accessible online 24/7 as a streaming service, or can be downloaded onto your own server
  • 24/7 dedicated customer support 

The most useful imagery at your fingertips

  • Premium: Manual selection ensures a consistent, complete and near cloud-free coverage
  • Sharp: 1.5m over the world, 50cm over the top 3,000 cities, precisely geolocated
  • Fresh: Predictable 12-month refresh rate over the whole world

Flexibly meeting customer needs

  • Custom delivery: 24/7 streaming service or download
  • Adapted to your workflows: Available in multiple protocols and formats with the full set of metadata
  • Cost-effective: Cuts IT and maintenance costs, and enables collaboration across teams all over the world

Around-the-clock support

  • Dedicated customer support team
  • 24/7 support

OneAtlas Helps You in Your Missions

Defence and security

Location-based services


  • Plan missions and operations
  • Map, report and update positions, movements and risk areas
  • Select transportation routes and access point
  • Widen and refresh imagery database
  • Detect quickly where map updates are required
  • Locate mobile assets, track and trace them
  • Delineate parcel boundaries
  • Map agricultural lands and crop species
  • Track and trace tractors and irrigation assets


Pick the Right Product for Your Needs


A cost-effective and consistent snapshot of the globe

OneView is the first choice when a clean and affordable solution is needed. This basemap is a static snapshot of the OneLive basemap, updated once a year. It has the same premium image quality and resolution but does not evolve and provides a single layer of imagery. It can be streamed or a digital copy can be provided.


Top quality, never-ageing basemap

OneLive gives you a streaming access to the OneAtlas Basemap full potential. Throughout the subscription, new images are made available to you on a daily basis as Airbus makes sure older pixels are overlaid with new ones. The highly dynamic basemap also allows you to see older acquisitions, providing multi-layer imagery for all areas, which can be useful to understand the historical context of an area. By default, the refresh rate is set on 365 days. Faster rates are also available dependent on feasibility.

OneAtlas Basemap

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