SAFEcommand™ Capture: ScCapture

Data Management Tool for the creation, update and publishing of geo-spatial and non-geospatial information.

SAFEcommand Capture (ScCapture) is a single application that facilitates easy access to data across Point of Interest and Hydrant management users, with a component-based architecture easing product administration, application maintenance and the upgrade process.

Effective Management of Variant Point of Interest Data in a Single Application

  • Based on a flexible attribute datamodel – store the information that is relevant to your organisation.
  • Manage variant point of interest data in a single application.
  • ScCapture can be used in the field to record hydrant inspections and defects.
  • Easy-to-use leading to improved user efficiency and reduced training costs.
  • GIS neutral mapping
  • International mapping and language support.
ScCapture - illustration

ScCapture enables organisations to meet their duty of care to front line responders by delivering critical geospatial and non-geospatial data to those that need it most.

Combined with ScCourier data gathered within ScCapture is automatically deployed to ScResponse users in the field.