Building the Continuity

Airbus Defence and Space is designing and building a new constellation of optical satellites, comprising four identical and very agile sensors delivering very high-resolution imagery.

Along with the space segments, launched in 2020 and 2021, innovative ground segments offering multi-mission capabilities, large-scale image processing and easy data access incorporating “bigdata / cloud technologies” will be developed and deployed. It will not only enhance applications in traditional markets but will also open up new applications in developing markets, analytics and intelligence.

Offering intraday revisit capacity of any point on Earth, improved reactivity in satellite tasking, and be able to capture millions km² per day, this constellation, entirely funded, owned and operated by Airbus Defence and Space, will respect the continuity of Pléiades and all French laws and regulations.

This real breakthrough is built on 30 years of heritage, expertise and innovation in the Earth observation industry. Stay tuned for more to come…!

Brest - VHR 2020

Visualisation of Brest, a city in the Finistère département in Brittany in northwestern France. It’s known for its rich maritime history and naval base.

Next-Generation Optical Constellation