One Tasking - Committed to Delivering Imagery

Commissioning a satellite has never been easier

Commissioning a satellite and obtaining the imagery you requested, exactly when you need it, is now risk-free, fast, and incredibly easy.

30 years ago, Airbus Defence and Space was the first to offer satellite-tasking services, revolutionising the satellite imagery market. Today, with One Tasking, the company sets the bar again, with an unprecedented commitment to deliver new imagery collections when and where its customers need them1.

Airbus Defence and Space’s new offer, redesigned from the ground up, is committed to delivering the very best results, instead of the industry’s typical “best effort” approach, with a tasking service designed entirely around the customer’s needs.

Key benefits

One tasking camera

• Best choice for maximising the success of your collection campaign

• Financial compensation, if (ever) we do not make it on time

• Flexible sensors, superior availability for ultra-fast delivery

• Streamlined offer, to lighten the ordering process for all channels (through the Customer Care or GeoStore) or satellites (SPOT, Pléiades, very soon Terrasar-X)

• 24/7 access

4 options designed around your needs

One day
Choose your acquisition day
One now
Access useful information in an instant
One plan
Obtain qualified coverage within an agreed timeframe
One series
Get coverage on a regular basis

Did you know ?

One tasking camera 2

Both genuine satellite constellations, SPOT and Pléiades share the same orbit and tasking plan. They behave as a single, flexible satellite gifted with true daily revisit capabilities - maximising collection success rate and coverage speed.

In addition, a team of world-class tasking experts ensures that your area is covered on time and on spec. The Airbus Defence and Space team carefully conducts feasibility studies and closely follow up open tasking requests, constantly adjusting priorities. All of that fine-tuning is in Airbus Defence and Space’s DNA and more than any technical feature, this is the secret of One Tasking’s reliability.

Testimonial of Marie Hakova – GISAT

"We’ve been using GeoStore for the past 2 years and the ease of both tasking new imagery and accessing archive satellite data from Airbus Defence and Space, has been highly appreciated by my clients. GeoStore is an easy way to order archived data that can be received within two hours or less – making product delivery quick and efficient. Tasking the satellites has never been easier, and now includes the option of getting feasibility studies within GeoStore and offers more programming services with Pléiades One Tasking – containing four options:

  • Pléiades OneDay
  • Pléiades OneNow
  • Pléiades OnePlan
  • Pléiades OneSeries

Computer programmers did an excellent job and impressed potential clients within the defence-intelligence market, in particular. This is due to the extraordinary ability to programme data one day and getting the next available image (depending on cloud cover, of course). Clients receive the data within two hours of their acquisition, thus being able to assess critical security threats immediately.

I am personally very pleased that such service is now available.  Over the years, being able to communicate users’ needs back to satellite data providers (and vice versa) confirms the Airbus Defence and Space GeoStore online database is a really great solution."


1*Always subject to normal/appropriate operating conditions

One Tasking - Committed to Delivering Imagery

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