Land & Joint Systems: Solutions for Requirements of Multinational Forces

The portfolio of Land & Joint Systems comprises decision, logistics and medical systems as well as deployable communication & IT networks in order to support complex missions.

Joint Command & Control

Fortion® JointC2…

… an integrated operations and information system, specially designed to meet the requirements of multinational forces and joint service commands. It operates in mobile as well as static headquarters and is perfectly suitable for modern types of operation and task management at all command and control levels.

Tactical Command & Control

Fortion® TacticalC2… pdf Fortion® TacticalC2 Flyer

… is a software suite intended to be installed on standard or ruggedized PC and tablets to equip Command Centres and command or combat vehicles. It provides a Common Operational Picture and tools to prepare and conduct missions, including Course of Action planning, interface to artillery system and interface to UAVs systems.

Dismounted Soldier Command & Control

Fortion® SoldierC2… pdf Fortion® SoldierC2 Flyer

… is a light tactical and self-sufficient solution for use over ruggedized smartphones or touchpads covering all Army missions (e.g. Control of areas of potential conflicts, patrol missions, border protection against invasion attempts or intrusions). It provides  situational awareness, a Common Operational Picture and tools to prepare and execute missions for all soldiers  (infantrymen, artillery observers, field engineering troops etc.).

Medical Systems

Fortion® MedicalC2…

…is a Medical Command and Control information system tailored to provide support for medical teams in rescue centres, mobile surgical hospitals and central medical commands.

Fortion® TransHospital…

 … provides mobile solutions to all elements of the medical rescue chain: ground medical evacuation vehicle kits, Role 1, 2, and 3 medical facilities, tactic and strategic air medivac solutions, patient decontamination systems. It is rapidly deployable and supports both Military and Disaster Relief Missions.

Logistic Systems

Fortion® Logistics…

…is the Airbus Defence and Space solution for traceability, process optimisation and operational effectiveness. It is a solution that allows complex systems maintenance, transportation planning from strategic to tactical level and secure shipping and tracking of consignments of any size.

Fortion® Logistics TRP: To plan, schedule, execute and follow up multimodal transport from consignor to consignee.
Fortion® Logistics ASV: To provide global visibility of all classes of assets and consignments all along the supply chain.
Fortion® Logistics MRO: To maintain the operational capacities by managing the maintenance activities, the stock levels of spares and the supply.

Decision Support Systems

Fortion® TacPlan...  

... is a decision support solution that allows to simulate different course of actions and to analyse their results. It can either be used for training or in real operations assisting the Brigade and Battalion commanders and their staff in the decision process. It includes precise definition and examination of operational requirements and rapid simulation and modelling of operational plans.

Training & Simulation

Training and simulation are crucial for the effectiveness and readiness of forces. Over the years, Airbus Defence and Space has developed a broad range of training and simulation solutions from conventional training, live simulation, and virtual simulation through to constructive simulation in order to ensure readiness of forces for increasingly complex missions.

Fortion® SimNavy… a simulation solution for the training and exercises of officers. The system also simulates the sensor outputs and the enemy forces providing a complete environment.
The solution meets the requirements of officers in charge of operations within a Naval or joint context.

Fortion® SimLand…

…is a virtual simulation solution for the training of land forces officers. The users are placed in a virtual environment and interact with the system, using their Command and Control.

Fortion® SimFAC… a NATO certified virtual simulation solution for the training of Forward Air Controllers, designating the target on the ground for air support.

Fortion® SimISR… a decision making tool to reduce the increasing complexity of organising and operating the resources used in surveillance and intelligence operations on the battlefield.

Deployable Infrastructure

Fortion® TACIP… pdf Fortion® TACIP Flyer

… is a suite of modular, scalable, secure, reliable, interoperable, and deployable network and information infrastructure components. These components are combined together to meet customer requirements resulting in a cost-effective, low risk approach to building new systems or complementing existing capabilities.

Mobile Tactical Router

Fortion® Mobile Router… pdf Fortion® Mobile Router Flyer


... is a box intended to be installed on vehicles or in command centres and gives C4ISR systems (like Fortion® TacticalC2) access to radios / other communication assets and performs the necessary network routing and management tasks.