AGC DataDoors – Manage and Extract Geospatial Data Within their Local Work Environments

AGC DataDoors

The Army Geospatial Center Imagery Office (AIO) functions as the U.S. Army’s commercial imagery acquisition agent and is designated as the repository of selected commercial satellite/aerial imagery and Advanced Geospatial Intelligence (AGI) data pertaining to terrain analysis and water resources operations. Efficient management of the research, acquisition, and dissemination of imagery and imagery products is increasingly important as Army units expand their use of remotely sensed data.

With a small AIO team and a large customer base to support– which is ranging from the warfighters to the USACE (= United States Army Corps of Engineers) Civil Works/Research community – it is critical that the team operates as efficiently as possible to fulfill their operational requirements.

AGC DataDoors

The Army Geospatial Center (AGC) contracted i-cubed, a U.S. subsidiary of Airbus Defense and Space, to establish the AGC DataDoors Commercial Image Library service providing an online search and discovery web application that allows authorised users to search their image library and extract geospatial data within their local work environments. In addition to downloading data, streaming services are also provided for both AGC’s high-resolution proprietary imagery as well as commercially licensed basemap content, including Airbus Defense and Space SPOTMaps imagery, through OGC compliant endpoints.

As a result, the AGC Commercial Imagery Archive was transformed from over 20,000 pieces of physical media to an online archive that today comprises over 45 TB of multi-sensor, multi-temporal imagery and terrain datasets, which are quality checked, organised and ingested for secure online access by over 1,100 users across more than 500 divisions. In 2014, i-cubed teamed up with GeoNorth Inc to enhance the data management services provided to AGC. With the additional DRS (Direct Receiving Station) capabilities, Airbus Defense and Space imagery archives can be accessed and supplemental imagery acquisitions and tasking requests can be made through the same DataDoors web application. Support for rapid access to newly acquired imagery products (or AOI specific data) is supported through an automated ingest and cataloguing service to facilitate distribution during time-sensitive events.



  • With DataDoors’ geospatial data management and Airbus Defense and Space’ streaming capabilities, multiple types of geospatial information can be sorted, ingested and hosted to be accessed anywhere, anytime on any device with an internet connection
  • DataDoors enables organisations to easily share data across their entire organisation while controlling user access to individual datasets
  • Users can download data in the best format (GeoPDF, GeoTIFF and other formats) with the specific tiling and projection needed for their project
  • DataDoors Portals provide a channel to obtain new acquisitions of Airbus Defense and Space optical products to fulfill customer requirements
AGC DataDoors platform

Image above shows a search query from the AGC DataDoors platform

As a conclusion, Airbus Defense and Space’ DataDoors Portal enables users to manage vast archives of imagery, terrain and map data from multiple vendors as well as their private collections, in one centralised location. This platform gives you full control over data, user access rights, processing, data delivery and much more.