WorldDEM™ for Enhanced Flight Safety & Efficiency

Any avionics system is only as good as the data behind it. Terrain data provide vital base data for collision avoidance systems, ground proximity warning and flight management systems. As these systems are key to improving the safety and efficiency of any aircraft (fixed wing airplanes, rotorcrafts, UAVs), the high accuracy and resolution of the terrain information used are of great importance.

WorldDEM™ is the new standard of global Digital Elevation Models and enhances a wide range of applications in the aviation sector. The worldwide availability and complete homogeneity across the globe allow the easy ingestion into any existing workflow consequently reducing integration cost. WorldDEM features a unique accuracy and level of detail improving the level of safety and efficiency in any applications.

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Simulation of a jet flight in low level altitude – WorldDEM (globally available) & Pléiades (up-to-date imagery)

Flight Simulation & Training

Simulator training

WorldDEM™ facilitates the simulation of real scenarios in a virtual environment for training or mission preparation. The high level of detail and accuracy support a realistic visualisation of the terrain, thus facilitating the rehearsal of complex flight missions, preparing flight crews for critical conditions such as darkness or adverse weather. Simulator training not only enhances the confident and safe decision making in challenging flight situations, but also creates significant savings by reducing flight hours.


Flight simulation

Today aircraft crews have to handle increasingly complex situations. A detailed simulation of landscapes based on accurate elevation data such as WorldDEM provides additional topographic information and  data for pilot decision making in-flight. This improves safety particularly in challenging situations such as low visibility and low-altitude flights or when approaching unfamiliar airstrips, e.g. in undeveloped areas for Search and Rescue operations (SAR) or for military operations.
The worldwide coverage of WorldDEM supports flight path and landing zone detection/ landing approach planning even in remote and difficult to access areas.


Air plane

WorldDEM provides accurate and reliable data for Air Navigation Service Providers to maintain and improve safety e.g. for landing approach planning and airport management.
When preparing flight missions WorldDEM combined with other data supports a detailed and effective route planning, facilitating the reduction of fuel consumption and flight costs.

Airbus Defence and Space Intelligence has strong ties with Navblue, a fully owned subsidiary of Services by Airbus. Navblue offers a new generation of digital, user-friendly Flight Operations and Air Traffic Management solutions, powered by WorldDEM.

WorldDEM database
WorldDEM is now available for more than 90% of the World’s landmass, i.e. 140 Mio km²


Explore the availability of WorldDEM for your Area of Interest in the WorldDEM Database

WorldDEM Avionics

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WorldDEM Now Available in GeoStore
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