Geological Study

Iran’s potential – Zagros’ Fractural Reservoir Study

Airbus Defence and Space has produced a fractured reservoir study, assessing the Asmari Formation’s reservoir quality of fractured carbonates and providing a regional synthesis of seven Bangastan subareas selected across the western region. The study includes detailed mapping and analysis of the distribution, intensity, relative geometry, continuity, connectivity and structural settings of structures and faults for seven sub-areas selected across the region, together with major structural features. The detailed fracture analysis integrated a cost-effective assessment of the redevelopment of old, fractured fields, an investigation of fracture continuity from Bangestan to Asmari reservoirs and integrated information on reservoir quality for exploration and production geologists.

Geological Study: Iran’s potential – Zagros’ Fractural Reservoir Study

The basic Facies analysis includes:

  • Interpretation of facies variations from satellite imagery
  • Review of intra-formational and superajacent potential seal units and their effects on reservoir quality
  • Lithological variations in Asmari and Bangestan reservoir units (massive versus multi-layer, carbonate to shale ratio)
  • The nature of interbedded siliciclastic units (Gurpi and Pabdeh Formations)

Deliverables of the study:

  • ArcGIS project at 1:00,000 scale
  • Extent of Asmari and Bangestan reservoir units
  • Major structural features, including faults and folds
  • Captured fractures Processed Landsat 8 satellite imagery circa 2015 (15m resolution) and SRTM DEM (90m resolution)
  • Report

Key Benefit

A key benefit of the study is a detailed report that outlines the study results. It discusses fracture geometry, distribution, continuity, connectivity, structural setting, relations to faults, as well as basic observations on the massive/ bedded/ compositional nature of the main reservoir rocks and intraformational potential seals.

Geological Study: Iran’s potential – Zagros’ Fractural Reservoir Study