3D Modelling – Child’s Play with Pléiades

Producing accurate 3D models of sites worldwide, without having to engage in expensive and time-consuming, or sometimes impossible airborne campaigns - is now child’s play, thanks to Pléiades.

By combining two technologies, Pixel Factory™ and Street Factory™, Airbus Defence and Space has proven its ability to successfully and accurately produce a 3D model of the City of Berkeley, California. Revealing structures of buildings, colours of their façades, the shapes of roofs and the various aspects of the vegetation – the impressive 3D model captures all the detail.

Thirteen Pléiades images, forming nine stereo pairs, were combined to produce the 3D model offering precision, close to that of the GEO Elevation1 products and showing the perfect footprint of each building.

A new era in developing 3D products ideally suited for mapping, defence, risk management, emergency simulation and urban management now begins.

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Pixel Factory™ is Airbus Defence and Space’s industrial geo-production system containing a revolutionary digital processing chain to produce advanced 3D mapping products of unrivalled quality. Thanks to its high capacity and intuitive open architecture, it automatically processes vast volumes of raw Earth observation data from multiple sources such as airborne imagery, satellite imagery.
Thanks to its highly accurate sensor models, Street Factory™ is a solution providing rapid and fully automatic processing of any oblique and street imagery for the generation of 3D urban models. It’s the ultimate 3D urban mapping solution, easy to integrate into any standard application and compatible with all standard operating systems.

A 3D Pléiades model using imagery of Berkeley, California

Did You Know?

Street Factory™ results are fully compatible with Pixel Factory™ software, giving access to a large variety of advanced final products (Change detection, TrueOrtho™ Image, etc.).

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