Monitor Stack - Assess and Measure Volumes with the Help of Pléiades Satellite Imagery

Do you need to measure the volume of stock piles in an efficient, accurate and quick way? Land surveyors can often face issues in accessing the site. Our solution: Thanks to Pléiades  data, only a single stereo pair is needed to determine stock levels without the need of an on-site visit.

We can now enable you to estimate piles, stack, earth moving volumes by using our Pléiades 50cm products .

Monitor stack - 1

Example report. Volume calculation made from 1m DSM produced with Pléiades stereopair

3 Easy Steps to Assess:


Task the satellites and acquire data to:

  • monitor simple stacks: 1 single Pléiades acquisition is enough
  • monitor complex and changing stacks: several Pléiades stereo or tristereo acquisitions are necessary
    • first assessment of stacks with the first acquisition
    • further acquisitions to determine and measure the changes in volumes

Extract the Information to:

  • estimate precise volume of any pile of material above ground
  • estimate volume of added or removed material since last revisit

Deliver the Information: Report Analysis

  • JPG report of the zone showing all studied pile contours with ID and zoomed snapshot
  • Excel sheet with estimated volume of all studied piles (same file incremented at each revisit)
  • KMZ vector of pile contours, with attributes of date and estimated volume


Your Benefits:

  • Cost-efficient – avoids the need to assess on-site
  • No security risk for staff
  • Suitable for inaccessible or restricted areas
  • Reliability and accuracy of the satellite imagery
    • Moving 1m³ can cost up to €5
    • Using paper maps and ground surveying has an error rate of up to 20%
    • First studies done for Monitor Stack showed an error rate of <2%, the lowest error rate with land surveyors is 5%
  • Revisit acquisition to follow up the site

Our Commitment:

  • Delivery within 3 days after acquisition
  • Before proposal: systematic feasibility study by our monitoring team (acquisition, photo-interpretation)
  • After 1st delivery: validation by the client of the outlined contours of piles
  • In case of clouds or no acquisition: attempt recredited for the next revisit window

Monitor stack - 2&3

The Oyu Tolgoi open pit mine, located 80km North of the China Mongolia border, is considered one of the world’s largest copper and gold porphyry deposits

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Monitor Stack - Assess and Measure Volumes with the Help of Pléiades Satellite Imagery