ScCourier Release

ScCourier is the replacement for our AIUS software which can be used with VMDS and CMS but will also be used to link our other next generation products, ScCapture and ScResponse, to each other.  The technology we are using in ScCourier gives us the potential to more closely integrate with other systems in your back office so that we can acquire date from them and deliver to your MDTs. 

We have just finished development work on a patch release of ScCourier and it’s currently going through system testing.  The content of this release is based on feedback from customers who have deployed ScCourier to date.  This patch is due for release in August 2015.

The following improvements have been made to the product:

  • SQL commands no longer required to clear machine ID pre/post taking an MDT image
  • Courier can now generate Export Package config based on Data packages added to Dashboard
  • Removed duplication of document type on Generic document label when displayed in VMDS
  • Removed possibility of deleted CMS POIs still appearing in search results in VMDS
  • Addition of configuration for Database timeouts to accommodate slower Wi-Fi connections
  • Dashboard will no longer show newly deployed images as out of date
  • Courier now retries to update the server about its client if the first attempt fails
  • Changes to Crewlist file will now be reloaded in VMDS

If you have any questions about ScCourier, either about the new patch release or the product in general please log a call or email our Service Desk. Also, if you would like to upgrade from AIUS to ScCourier please log a request with the Service Desk. AIUS and ScCourier can run side by side to support a gradual rollout of ScCourier.

ScCourier Release