Windfarm 3D KIT

SPOTMaps 2.5 and Elevation 30 make windfarm management a breeze

To set up and manage all the phases in the lifecycle of a windfarm, Airbus Defence and Space provides a Windfarm 3D KIT, comprising the Elevation30 DEM and a SPOTMaps 2.5 extract.

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The Elevation30 DEM recreates the physical data of the windfarm site with an accuracy better than 10 metres.

The SPOTMaps extract, overlaid on the DEM, recreates the landscape with a resolution of 2.5 metres.

The geomorphology and the landscape created in this way using the Windfarm 3D KIT, facilitate the interactivity between decision-makers, designers and operators. 

The Windfarm 3D KIT optimises windfarm management in all phases of its lifecy

Windfarm 3D KIT - Windfarm Management
  1. Site selection: The Windfarm 3D KIT provides everything needed for an objective choice of the best site for development.
  2. Feasibility studies: The geographical and topographical information from the Windfarm 3D KIT indicates the most favourable location for  each wind turbine as well as providing initial efficiency calculations.
  3. Environmental impact assessment: Authorities require environmental impact assessments and the 3D KIT provides information about the “initial state” of the site and the impact of construction on the landscape.
  4. Design and engineering: Land registry, urban planning and geological data are collated in a GIS within the Windfarm  KIT, assisting preparation of the technical and engineering data for future windfarm developments. This engineering phase can be supplemented by geological maps produced by combining SPOTMaps data with a TerraSAR-X radar imagery.
  5. Construction: The windfarm construction site is managed and monitored with the Windfarm 3D KIT.
  6. Operation, maintenance and monitoring: The Pleiades and SPOT6&7 constellations can provide regular or emergency updates, integrated into the Windfarm 3D KIT to optimise post-construction surveillance and environmental impact monitoring.
  7. Decommissioning: Dismantling must also be taken into account; all the previous phases are reactivated in the Windfarm 3D KIT when a wind-turbine is replaced.

The Windfarm 3D KIT is available for 61 million km² around the world, comprising the Elevation30 DEM and SPOTMaps 2.5 cartographic data.

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Couverture KIT 3D Parc Eolien

Windfarm 3D KIT