SPOT 6/7 is on an expedition with the IceLegacy team to the Stikine Icecap in Alaska

The second IceLegacy expedition will be exploring the Stikine Icecap in Alaska for three weeks starting on May 8th, 2015 . Web users can follow the explorers' progress with a SPOT 6/7 mosaic, produced by Airbus Defence and Space.

SPOT 6 Mosaic - Stikine Icecap, Alaska, United States

The Norwegian explorer Børge Ousland and his French colleague Vincent Colliard are skiing off again, this time to explore the Stikine Icecap in Alaska, which is ranked the 17th-largest icecap at 7,100 km². Starting on May 8, 2015,  web users will be able to follow the three-week expedition of a SPOT 6/7 mosaic via the web site

The IceLegacy team will ski across 20 of the largest glaciers in the world to report on the effects of climate change. This epic 10-year journey will take them from Russia to Alaska, and from Patagonia to Pakistan.

Stikine is the second glacier to be explored after Spitzbergen island. Airbus Defence and Space is once again accompanying the IceLegacy team with a mosaic of SPOT 6/7 images acquired in the summers of 2013 and 2014. Geo-referenced on a Reference3D DEM, the mosaic offers a geometric accuracy of less than 6 metres.

View the SPOT 6/7 mosaic Stikine Icecap in Alaska, between Canada to the east and the Pacific Ocean to the west, dotted by peaks reaching over 3,000m in height

Ice Legacy 2014 - Colliard - Ousland

Vincent Colliard and Børge Ousland

The explorers also use the SPOT 6/7 mosaic for their route plan which crosses the icecap from north to south. Data extracted from the image is particularly useful for the approach by boat and then by dinghy. The explorers will ascend along the glacier, avoiding the cracked areas andmarking theirorientation on an icecap, with major differences in altitude and types of ice. 

With over 60kg of equipment that each explorer will carry, including a sleigh and a dinghy, the map is a valuable tool for viewing the terrain, anticipating efforts and for planning stages. Once they reach the foot of the southern glacier, the IceLegacy team will row their way to the Pacific Ocean.

IceLegacy - Stikine Icecap