In Q4 2014, Airbus DS released the first version of ScCapture, which delivered the following functionality:


  • GIS display and map manipulation tools
  • Add/edit/move/delete POIs
  • Add/update/delete POI documents
  • Search for POI and POI documents
  • Add/update/delete non-location documents

In 2015 we have started developing ScCapture further to allow users to create and maintain hydrant information.

The Hydrant Management Working Party met on 19th March to review the intended design and clarify requirements.  We expect to demonstrate progress to the Working Party in late May and to all Hydrant users in June.  Again, we are looking for volunteers for our Beta release programme in July 2015.  If you are interested in Beta testing Release 2 of ScCapture please contact our service desk.

Version 2 of ScCapture, containing Hydrant functionality, is expected for late Q3 2015.


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