Platform Support Roadmap Update

Last year we issued our Platform Support Roadmap to those of you who expressed an interest in it. This document and the presentation we did alongside it, showed our plans regarding the support of operating systems and SQL Server versions for all of the products in the SAFEcommand suite. This roadmap is available on request and we will re-issue throughout the year when certain milestones are reached or changes occur. 

The first milestone we will reach this year is support for VMDS on Windows 8.1. This testing has recently been instigated and once we have certified VMDS on 8.1 we will contact you to let you know. Please note, Airwave Conformance testing of VMDS on Windows 8.1 is not currently scheduled in. If you have plans to roll out VMDS on Windows 8.1 in an Airwave environment please contact us to discuss further.

In addition to VMDS, later in the year we will also be testing our planned September release of the ScGateway on Windows Server 2012 and SQL Server 2012. If you have any queries regarding the SAFEcommand products and their supported platforms or you would like to see a copy of the platform support roadmap please contact our service desk.

Platform Support Roadmap Update

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