GMES Data Access Campaign 2011-2015

At the end of March 2015, Airbus Defence and Space sent the European Space Agency (ESA) the latest Pleiades, SPOT 5 and SPOT 6 scenes for the European GMES Data Access 2011-2015 programme. This satellite data supplements the 7 million km² already delivered to this programme, such as the coverage of 39 countries in Europe or the provision of emergency data. 

GMES is one of the two major space programmes funded by the European Commission. Its aim is to improve environmental monitoring and European security by means of Earth Observation technologies. ESA is tasked by the European Commission with implementation of the space component of GMES.

With the GMES Data Access programme, European institutions as well as civil institutions of the Member States and universities were able to develop applications and environmental services based on satellite data.

GMES Data Access Campaign 2011-2015

Airbus Defence and Space has provided GMES Data Access with more than 7 million km² of SPOT 5, SPOT 6 and Pleiades products, or more than 11,500 products distributed to more than 30 projects. A significant part of the GMES programme consisted in covering 39 European countries over the period between 2011 and 2013. This project was primarily carried out with SPOT 5 imagery with a resolution of 2.5m. Since August 2013, SPOT 6 completed this coverage with 1.5m resolution.

An emergency service operating 24/7 was implemented for the GMES-Emergency project at Airbus Defence and Space. It provides an urgent delivery service for optical (Airbus DS Geo South America ) or radar (Infoterra GmbH ) products worldwide. This service has been activated 247 times in 3 years by ESA and delivered 258 products.

Airbus Defence and Space was involved in the delivery of imagery and in the provision of rapid maps for other projects of the GMES programme, such as:

  • SAGRES: (Service Activations for Growing Eurosur Success) commissioning and operational testing of emergency situation maritime surveillance
  • LOBOS: (Low time critical Border Surveillance) mapping and pre-operational services for border, ports and coastal surveillance
  • IncREO: (INCreasing Resilience through Earth Observation) Research and development for solutions contributing to the preparation, risk mitigation and planning of areas vulnerable to natural disasters and the effects of climate change

GMES Data Access Campaign 2011-2015

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