DMC and Airbus Defence and Space

A Natural Fit

DMC Imagery is now part of the Airbus Defence and Space portfolio.
The imagery from the DMC constellation brings new solutions for disaster management.

The DMC Constellation - A Cost-Effective Solution for Rapid Coverage and Frequent Revisit of Large Areas

The capabilities of the DMC Constellation perfectly complement the overall Airbus Defence and Space satellite imagery portfolio for improved wide area coverage and rapid revisit needs.

The DMC Constellation, composed of the DMC-2 and DEIMOS-1 satellites, provides multispectral 22m imagery with adjustable image size and options for very large images (i.e. 650 x 1,300 km). Access to DMC Constellation images opens up new perspectives to our users for the development of applications and services in various markets such as wide-area change detection, disaster monitoring, land cover mapping, environmental monitoring, forestry and agriculture.

The DMC Constellation – Disaster Management

The DMC team have a strong background in providing satellite imagery for use in disaster response. 


Over the years, we have had close engagement with stakeholders all over the world affected by disasters as well as international partners committed to delivering information that can aid efforts to reduce the impact and overcome the effects of disasters.
Satellite imagery is a very valuable source of information for disaster management, but there is still a lot to do to meet the information requirements of the different stakeholders for disaster management, and we are committed to bridging this gap.” 

Martin Philp DMC General Manager
California Wild Fires, USA, 2nd May 2013, UK-DMC2 Image ©

California Wild Fires, USA, 2nd May 2013
UK-DMC2 Image ©

DMC Satellite Images - UK floods 2013-2014 - UK-DMC2 Images ©

UK floods 2013-2014
Left: pre-flood, January 2010;
Middle: partial flooding, December 2013;
right: extensive flooding, February 2014
UK-DMC2 Images © 

Watch out for more news on DMC!

Being part of the Airbus Defence and Space Portfolio is a huge opportunity to make new imagery and information available to a greatly active and dynamic community and the DMC team are ready for the challenge.

There will be a lot of activities over the coming months to improve the information, access and comprehensiveness of the DMC offering, so watch out for more news on DMC!

DMC and Airbus Defence and Space