Farewell SPOT5

Thank you…It’s Been Amazing!
First image received after 3 days in orbit - May 7th, 2002-Eleusis Harbour, Greece

First image received after 3 days in orbit
May 7th, 2002 - Eleusis Harbour, Greece

The countdown is finally over; the end of the SPOT 5 commercial operation has taken place on March 31st.

Satellite Image – Stockholm, Sweden © 2015 CNES – Distribution Airbus DS

Satellite Image – Stockholm, Sweden
© 2015 CNES – Distribution Airbus DS

The SPOT-5 satellite program combined the partnerships of France (CNES, National Centre for Space Research), Belgium (Federal Office for Scientific, Technical and Cultural affairs) and Sweden (Swedish National Space Board). Compared to its predecessors, SPOT 5 offered greatly enhanced capabilities in term of geolocation and collection capacity, with an improved resolution at 2.5m.

SPOT 5 offered the ideal balance between accuracy and an optimal combination of resolution and wide-area coverage.

SPOT 5's other key feature was the on-board HRS (High Resolution Stereoscopic) instrument, designed to acquire stereoscopic images quasi-simultaneously. It enabled the generation of the Elevation 30 digital elevation model and ortho layer.

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3D Image, 2006-Vesuvio Italy

SPOT 5 Facts


  • Over 11,833,000 images of the Earth have been acquired; 24% without any cloud-cover and 36% with less than 10% cloud-cover
  • Over 42,600,000,000 km2 of the Earth covered
  • 120Mkm² of SPOTMaps 2.5, nationwide seamless mosaics at 2.5m resolution
  • 124Mkm² HRS stereopairs
  • 80Mkm² Elevation30 (Reference3D) available off-the-shelf
  • More than 1500 customers from across 120 different countries
  • Up to 32 direct receiving stations worldwide operated simultaneously by our partners
Elevation30 - HRS and Reference 3D coverage

In Red: Elevation30 (Reference 3D)
In Pink: + 37Mkm² block adjusted datasets, ready for additional Elevation30 production.

The SPOT imagery archive, collected over the last 3 decades represents a unique historical heritage to monitor the evolution of our planet over time and is fully accessible from GeoStore.

Now it’s time to move forward and enter a new era with SPOT 6 and SPOT 7.

Flying together on the same orbit, these two satellites form an unique Earth-observation constellation with highly responsive sensors (1.5m resolution) that increase acquisition capacity, responsiveness and simplify data access.
SPOT 6 and SPOT 7 are securing continuity for SPOT imagery and services until 2024.They are continuously improving their capabilities and are now covering zones of interest even faster!

To learn more about SPOT6 and SPOT 7 coverage, visit:  http://www.geo-airbusds.com/SPOTCoverage

Take a look at our SPOT 7 sample products at www.geo-airbusds.com/samples

SPOT6/7: Enhanced imagery for expanded use and sharper results

Mont Saint-Michel - France - SPOT 5

Mont Saint-Michel - France - SPOT 6
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  • Access to intra-field information even for  small parcels <0.05ha
  • Improved discrimination of the crops thanks to the blue band
  • Textural information from panchromatic channel

Farewell SPOT5