2015 APAC Channel Partner Conference


OCTOBER 11 – Ice Breaker Cocktail

Time Ice Breaker
19H00-22H00 Ice Breaker Cocktail to Meet and Greet Before the Event

OCTOBER 12 – Morning: Plenary Session Focused Key Corporate Updates

Time Key Corporate Updates
9H15-9H30 Official Opening
9H30– 9H45 Looking Back at 2014, Challenges Ahead
9H45-10H00 Partner Support Updates: Customer Care and Marketing
10H00- 10H45 Coffee Break
  Key Offers and Initiatives to Boost your Sales
10H45-11H15 Pixel Factory and Street Factory: 2015 Updates
11H15-11H35 The Latest on WorldDEM: Ready for Sale!
11H35- 11H55 Keeping the Constellation Rocking
11H55-12H15 Image the World Every Year for You!
12H15-12H30 Airbus Optical Tasking Services: So Simple, We Commit!

+ LUNCH at 12.30 (Venue)

OCTOBER 12 – Afternoon: Geo-Intelligence Trade Fair

Time Welcome to the GEO-Intelligence Trade Fair – Speed Dating Sessions with Airbus Experts
13H30-15H15 Geo-Intelligence Trade Fair - Round 1
7 booths – Partners meet Airbus experts through Speed Dating Sessions of 15mn
15H15-16H00 Coffee Break & Free Time
16H00-17H30 Geo-Intelligence Trade Fair - Round 2
7 booths – Partners meet Airbus experts through Speed Dating Sessions of 15mn
17H30 Day 1 Wrap Up and Key Instructions for Social Event

+ Social Event including Gala Dinner and Best Performers Awards Ceremony at 7.00 p.m

OCTOBER 13 – Morning: Leverage the Airbus Portfolio to Serve your Most Demanding Customers

Time Industry Sessions – Highlight on Airbus Capabilities for Key Verticals in APAC
9H00–09H30 Industry Session Dedicated to Oil, Gas, Minning & Energy 
9H30–10H00 Industry Session dedicated to Forestry & Agriculture 
10H00-10H30 Industry Session dedicated to Maritime Surveillance
10H30-11H15 Coffee Break
11H15-11H45 Industry Session dedicated to Civil Engineering
11H45-12H30 Top 3 Partners’ Key Success Stories
Selection based on a call for papers ending September 18th, 2015.
Top 3 stories will be allocated a 15 mn slot each during this session.
12H30 2015 Conference Wrap up

+LUNCH/BUFFET at 12.30 (Venue)

OCTOBER 13 – Afternoon: Half Day Tour

Time Half Day Tour
14H00-18H00 Half Day Tour to Network with Geo-Intelligence Teams


Call for Papers

Online Registration