Elevation30 - Applications

Thanks to the availability of tremendous coverages for areas worldwide, readily available off-the-shelf or for rapid production, Elevation30 is the perfect reference layer for a wide range of geospatial projects and products.

Derived from both optical and radar spaceborne technologies, Elevation30 features a greater coverage, independent of terrain characteristics and weather conditions.

Defence and security authorities worldwide rely on Elevation30’s detailed information, not only for mapping purposes. The models are also applied for:

  • Building onboard databases for UAVs, missiles and aircraft, and for mission planning – well suited to ministries of defence or the armament industry
  • Preparing missions and navigation data for weapon systems
  • Flight and landing approach simulations

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Around the World, public authorities and commercial companies, for example from the oil industry or planning and construction companies, rely on Elevation30 for:

  • Precise matching of map data
  • Compiling or updating maps
  • Checking existing databases
  • Impact studies and geological structure studies
  • Setting up road and railway networks

Read details in our use case example: Elevation30 for infrastructure development projects

An Unlimited Source of Ground Control Points

Elevation30 orthoimages provide ground control points with an accuracy better than 10mCE90, hence accurate enough to ensure GPS compatibility:
They can be used to orthorectify imagery from most Earth observation satellites (Pléiades, the SPOT family, FORMOSAT-2, the DMC-Constellation, WorldView-1 to -3, QuickBird, IKONOS,Kompsat-2, TerraSAR-X, GeoEye, Landsat, Radarsat, Envisat, etc...) when positional data is not available.

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