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November 2016

New product available in GeoStore: Best of SPOT 1.5m!

Select the  Best of SPOT 1.5 button product in the SPOT archive product collection and display directly in GeoStore the freshest and cloud-free images on your AOI in a few clicks. These images have been manually selected by Airbus Defence and Space imagery experts.

Best of SPOT 1.5m

October 2016

New: Upload your polygon names directly in GeoStore!

You can now import the native names of your AOIs directly from your Shapefile or KML/KMZ. This option is very useful if you have a lot of AOIs to cover, simply extract the site locations from your own GIS and batch upload them into GeoStore.

Click on  Click on upload - EN and select  Click on KML / KMZ to upload a KML/KMZ file or Click on SHP   to upload a Shapefile.

If you are uploading a Shapefile, make sure to select all the related file types (.shp .dbf .shx .prj) by maintaining the SHIFT or CTRL key while clicking.

Then click on the switch button to select “Yes”, choose the field name to import and click on “OK” to start the upload.

Rename Polygon - EN

Note that if you are uploading a KML/KMZ file, only the “Name” attribute will be selectable.

New: Feasibility study display improved for OneDay and OneNow options!

The automated feasibility study has been improved.
Discover the new snapshot functionality: capture the map and save it as an image.
The sensor and viewing angle are now displayed in the feasibility results.

Feasibility study display improved

Find here below the release note for the new GeoStore version to come in October 2016

1.1 Interface
Fixed Fixed: When there were several polygons in the map, the name of the active polygon was not correctly refreshed.
Fixed Fixed: Switching between two polygons did not work properly if the user clicked on the line instead of the polygon name.
Fixed Fixed: The polygon names (when a user renames a polygon) were not saved in the projects.
Fixed Fixed: Drawing an AOI by coordinates did not work properly when entering coordinates with a high number of decimals.
Unresolved Unresolved: Users might encounter issues when trying to surf GeoStore with Safari on Ipad. We recommend that users switch to a different web browser such as Chrome or Mozilla or use a different platform to access GeoStore.

1.2 Catalogue Search
Fixed Fixed: Displaying SPOTMaps previews could take time; it is no longer the case.
Fixed Fixed: Several minor issues were reported about the target mode.
Fixed Fixed: When searching images by ID, only the first ten images were displayed in the result list. Search by ID is no longer limited in the number of results.
Fixed Fixed: When displaying multiple previews or footprints of products in the result list, clicking again on the preview or footprint button did not stop the current display.
Fixed Fixed: Some discrepancies between preview and associated footprint were reported for some SPOT10-m imagery.

1.3 Tasking
Fixed Fixed: Several minor issues were reported on the OneDay & OneNow feasibility studies including the following:

- If the “extended angles” box was not ticked in the result list, exporting the feasibility study was empty. It is no longer the case.
- Users can now export the feasibility study from the basket.

1.4 Ordering
Fixed Fixed: Approvers could not approve orders placed by other users.
Fixed Fixed: The project names could interfere with the ordering steps (long project names, different names between project and order).
Fixed Fixed: The city and country were not displayed properly during the checkout step, although it did not prevent the order from being placed. This information now displays properly.

September 2016

Any question about operating and browsing GeoStore?

Find every answer to your most frequent questions within the FAQ in the Help and Support section of the GeoStore homepage.

Screenshot - How to access the FAQ - EN