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  • Title: GO Monitor Forest – Forest Restoration in Brazil
  • Location: Mato Grosso
  • Image Type: Optical
  • Resolution: 50 cm
  • Date: 09/28/2012
  • Copyright: CNES 2012, Distribution Airbus DS
  • Imaging Mode: Pansharpened
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GO Monitor Forest – Forest Restoration in Brazil

The North-West Mato Grosso region (Brazil) is at the heart of the Amazon arc of deforestation: the livestock sector is gradually pushed North with the advanced of annual crops (soybean, maize, cotton, rice, sugar cane). Fazenda São Nicolau is the Peugeot/ONF Forest Carbon Sink project headquarters since 1999. It is a regularized property of 10,000 ha in the heart of Amazon arc of deforestation. It reflects a long-term commitment to the development and dissemination of good practices for sustainable management of rural properties. It is a unique tool with 1,800 ha afforestation from 51 species, planted between 1999 and 2004.