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  • Title: Elevation10 Digital Surface Modell of Sabah, Malaysia
  • Location: Sabah
  • Image Type: Radar
  • Date: 02/15/2010
  • Secondary Date: 04/17/2010
  • Copyright: DLR e.V. 2010 and © Airbus Defence and Space GmbH 2010
  • Scale: 02:40,0
  • Imaging Mode: StripMap
  • Polarization Mode: HH
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Elevation10 Digital Surface Modell of Sabah, Malaysia

Elevation10 Digital Surface Model for a diverse tropical forest landscape in Malaysia

As part of its GEO Elevation10 product range, Astrium GEO offers digital elevation modelling services for areas as small as only 500 sqkm, and up to a full regional or even national coverage:

Elevation10 DSM is a digital surface model, with outliers, artefacts and voids being identified and corrected; thus ensuring a continuous and plausible representation of the Earth's surface elevation.

Water body features derived from corresponding TerraSAR-X image data are included into the DSM data set, and a subsequent manual editing of shorelines guarantees hydrological consistency and accuracy.