Civil Institutions

From Emergency to Sustainable Land Management
Incendie du Parc national de Yosemite, États-Unis


Airbus Defence and Space participates in several crisis management international programmes related to natural and technological disasters.

The International Charter "Space and Major Disasters" and the Copernicus programme initiated by the European Commission and ESA are actively supported.

Public Safety

Airbus Defence and Space has significantly invested in the development of innovative software solutions specifically designed to address the modern challenges faced by public safety and emergency organisations.  The SAFEcommand™ team has successfully provided services and solutions to emergency services organisations for over 15 years.


Forestry and Environment

Monitoring forests and ecosystems but also and above all providing vital decision-support tools for forest managers, is a crucial issue for which satellite imagery provides many answers.



Less than half of all land surfaces are covered by topographic maps (at scales up to 1:100 000), and of these, many are outdated or inaccurate. Earth observation satellite imagery has become crucial to the production and accurate updating of medium- to large-scale topographic maps.


 Pléiades - Le Touquet, France

Land Administration

Government land management agencies rely on mapping from satellite imageries to establish or update the land registry, the census or land use. These cartographic information support economic planning and sustainable management of a territory.

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