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Decades of experience and substantial R&D efforts allow Airbus Defence and Space’s geo-intelligence experts to offer highly sophisticated geodata processing tools and leading-edge geodata platforms.

Customers appreciate these solutions in their day-to-day work, be it in the intelligence domain, in public safety and emergency operations, or when it comes to efficiently processing vast amounts of geodata into DEMs.

Efficient Geodata Processing and Effective Platforms

I4D – Intelligence for Decision

I4D is an operational geodata platform specifically designed for geo-intelligence needs and initially created for the French Ministry of Defence.
The I4D platform is used by intelligence operators every day – to visualise, search, merge and analyse data through a virtual globe.

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An innovative software solution specifically designed to address the modern challenges faced by public safety and emergency organisations, SAFEcommand™ can help deliver on their critical Duty of Care objectives:
This geodata platform supports public safety operations through the provision of real-time location intelligence for staff and vehicles, integrated operations planning and response as well as full mobile data and satellite communications.

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Pixel Factory

Pixel Factory™ is the geodata processing tool for any data both from satellite (optical and radar) and airborne digital cameras.
This revolutionary processing chain automatically processes vast volumes of raw Earth observation data into advanced 3D mapping products of unparalleled quality.

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Our Cloud Services help you manage, distribute, process and integrate geospatial data into your existing workflows.
They are customizable, enabling you to choose the solution that works best for your business application.


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